By Mylene Curie

PPC advertisers have seen many changes recently, including Upgraded Sitelinks. We explain how to gain actionable insights on sitelink performance.

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Legacy vs upgraded sitelink reporting

All your legacy sitelinks, app and call extensions will automatically be upgraded on September 23, 2013.

You’ll still be able to view statistics and historical performance for your legacy extensions using AdWords reports, however performance statistics for upgraded extensions will be reset to zero.

This is how you can view historical performance for all your legacy sitelinks.

  1. Select the “Ad extensions” tab.
  2. Next to “View”, select “Sitelinks Extensions”.
  3. Select “Not upgraded” from the drop-down menu.
  4. You can view stats for all legacy extensions for the specified date range.

Gain more insights on sitelink performance

You can now add 2 description lines that can be up to 35 characters each. By adding description lines to your sitelinks, you can basically create several ads in one! This extra piece of information also means you can work with plenty of additional data. But knowing where to start can be difficult.

Upgraded sitelinks

The paragraph below gives you more information on how to segment the data, view a detailed breakdown of stats and analyse sitelink performance.

How can I actually measure sitelink performance?

AdWords provides you with several tools to measure sitelink performance. This data can help you make strategic changes across the account, and decide which types of extension work for your campaign, or when to remove an existing extension.

You can view performance data for each extension, including individual sitelinks, at the campaign, ad group, and ad ID levels.

Report 1: which portion of the ad drives most of the traffic?

Click on “Segment”, then select “Click type”.

This basically tells you which section of the ad was clicked on (headline, extension, mobile clicks-to-call, image, etc.), and the percentage of visitors that clicked on the headline versus the extension (CTR).

Sitelink stats

Please note: the sitelink will always have a much lower CTR than the headline because more visitors are likely to click on the main part of the ad than on one of the sitelinks. However, adding sitelinks makes your ad unit more compelling, encourages your visitors to click on some part of the ad and therefore contributes to higher CTRs.

Report 2: which sitelink extension contributes the most to the overall ad performance?

Click on “Segment”, then select “This Extension vs. Other”. This report provides you with the most granular level of information.

“This extension” rows tells you how many clicks one specific extension received. The
"Other" row provides data for any other part of the ad that this extension showed alongside, and therefore tells you whether this specific extension contributed to the overall ad performance.

This extension vs other

Report 3: does the ad perform better with sitelink extensions?

You can use the Ad Extension tab and select “Upgraded” from the drop-down menu, although you’ll only be able to view top-level stats.

This is because Google provides you with aggregated data, so if 2 to 4 of the sitelinks are served at the same time, they will have an identical performance. The report doesn’t’ tell you which one or if any of them at all had any contributions to the actual ad performance. It only tells you how the ad copy performed when Google served these specific sitelinks at the same time.

The Ad Extensions tab provides you with the following data:

  • Sitelink status (Eligible, Disapproved) – You can get more information about why an extension was disapproved by selecting the Policy Details column.
  • Clicks, Impressions, CTR
  • Cost, Cost per conversion
  • Conversions, Conversion rate
  • Average position
  • Average CPC

Report 4: how do sitelinks perform on mobile devices?

Click on “Segment”, then select “Devices”.

Upgraded sitelinks give you the opportunity to customise your sitelinks for mobile devices. This report gives you a breakdown of statistical performances by devices.

Get started now!

Extensions can give your visitors more reasons to click on the ads, allow for more flexibility in ad copy messages, lead to better strategic changes to your campaigns and, ultimately, contribute to higher PPC returns.

One of my accounts has already benefited from a 3% increase in CTR, just a month after the extensions were upgraded and optimised.

We can help you achieve better performances with your ad copies, contact us today for more information.

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