By Sam Waters

2017 was a year of changes - Love Island was in, round pound coins were out and last but not least, AdWords introduced a new interface, and with it, brand new features for us PPC folk to play with. Here are four new features only available in the new AdWords Next interface that can help you drive more sales growth in 2018.

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1. Promotion Extensions

Promotion extensions enable you to highlight your current deals and offers as an extension below your ads. You can specify an occasion, ranging from Black Friday to Valentine’s Day, choose to display your offer as either a monetary or percentage discount, and even add further details such as promotion codes, minimum spend requirements and start/end dates.

Promotion Extensions

Unlike a certain mass market sofa company, most of us like our sales and promotions to end sometime before eternity and luckily Google has anticipated this. You can set start and end dates for when the promotion extension is eligible to run and even setup ad scheduling within this. Unless you are a certain mass market sofa company of course, in which case your promotion extension can run indefinitely.

2. ‘Days to Conversion’ Segmentation

The new interface enables segmentation based on how many days after a click a user took to convert. This can be found by clicking on the segmentation icon, then selecting ‘Days to Conversion’ from within the ‘Conversion’ option. 

Days to Conversion

Use this tool to gain insight into the length of the sales cycle for your typical customer. Having this understanding can help inform how long you should wait before adjusting bids, how long you should run your remarketing campaigns and even how long your promotions and sales should last.

3. Absolute Top Impression Share 

Ever wondered how often your products are actually being seen in the first row of product listing ads visible to the user? If so, the new products tab (visible after navigating to a shopping campaign) might just feel like Christmas came early. 

This tab provides an overview of each individual product - with the option to add performance metrics like clicks, conversions and conversion value - giving you a clear view of which products are bringing home the most bacon. But it gets better; by adding a column called ‘absolute top impression share’, you can see how often your best performing products are appearing in the most prominent position for shopping ads.

absolute top impression share

Use this tool to get a clear picture of how competitive your best performing products are in Shopping auctions and to spot potential opportunities to drive more sales by increasing visibility of these best sellers when they appear as product listing ads.

4. Showcase Shopping Ads

Product Listing Ads are effective at driving better qualified traffic to your website by enabling you to advertise specific products, include images and price, to search engine users.

But what if the user isn’t exactly sure what specific product they want, or which retailer they want to buy from? In come Showcase Shopping Ads to the rescue – a new shopping campaign ad format only available to setup in the new AdWords interface.

Showcase Shopping Ads are designed to introduce your brand and range of products to users who are searching for more generic terms such as “backpacks” or “summer dresses”.

showcase shopping ad example

These ads enable you to not only showcase your range of products, but also introduce your brand through lifestyle header images and additional ad copy to users when they are in a critical research stage of the buying process.

Showcase shopping ads can be created within new or existing shopping campaigns, by selecting ‘Showcase Shopping’ when creating a new ad group. Rather than set a default cost per click, you’ll need to set a default CPE, or Cost Per Engagement, which Google determines as anytime someone expands the ad for more than 10 seconds or clicks on a link within the ad. You can target your whole shopping feed, or create an ad group only showcasing a specific product group within your shopping feed.

showcase shopping ad setup

As a relatively new feature, the volume of traffic this ad format will receive is much smaller than normal shopping ads, and so should be used to supplement shopping coverage rather than as a replacement. By using both product listing and showcase shopping ads, you can better leverage your shopping feed to target a wider range of high value users on Google.

Use these four features in the new AdWords Interface to give your PPC marketing a head start in the new year and drive more sales in 2018. 

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