By Mylene Curie

Want to expand your PPC strategy worldwide? Try advanced language targeting settings and get your message across a multilingual audience.

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Increase your exposure

Think about linguistic communities.

If you’re running international campaigns, or targeting customers that work or live abroad, then you should consider using advanced language targeting settings.

If, for example, you’re a UK company targeting a native audience with an English campaign, and if your audience is based in Switzerland, then you should be using English, French, German and Italian language targeting.

The reason for that is if you’re targeting the English language only, your advertising messages won’t show to customers whose language preferences are set to French, German or Italian. You will be missing out on relevant traffic from a large international community based in Switzerland.

A wide range of B2B and B2C industries may benefit from this strategy. Below are a few examples.

  • Moving & relocation companies
  • Expat assistance specialists
  • Travel insurers
  • Hotel booking websites
  • Foreign currency exchangers

Increase your performance

We’ve been using advanced language targeting settings for our international campaigns, and overall performance has improved significantly. Traffic and conversion volumes have increased up to five times in less than three months, while average costs per conversion and click through rates have remained pretty much unchanged.

Our recommendations are to create a duplicate campaign and target languages other than English. That way, you will be able to assess the new campaign performance compared to the “original” one and adjust your strategies and spend based on your targeted audience. This is really important if your budget is limited, if you want to track performance separately or if you want to “preserve” the original account performance history.

Increase your opportunities

In order to better interact with your worldwide customers, your ads and keywords should match the language spoken by your targeted audience. When appropriate, you should also customise your ads and banners so they sound more “local”.

In Switzerland for example, a significant proportion of the population speaks Romansh. This is a niche market, however people are likely to respond well to “local” ads, leading to higher conversion rates across the board.

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