By Alistair Dent

We spotted a new version of some of AdWords' tabs, read more to take a look.

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While we were browsing around accounts today, we got an interesting error in AdWords. The error page had a brand new facelift design for the accounts page, with a new set of tabs along the top.

New AdWords Interface

The current version looks like this:

Old AdWords Interface

Changes to tabs

Gone is the "Opportunities" tab and the "Reporting and Tools" tab.

Since the reporting interface was moved to be included in the "Campaigns" tab this has been a redundant description anyway.

The opportunities tab has been criticised by us in the past. It claims to offer opportunities to improve your account, but really just shows you the result from various keyword tools from AdWords. If these tools were to be back in the new "Tools" tab then it would be much clearer what they are.


The main change is the addition of a new "Performance" tab. It's anybody's guess what this is going to contain. All performance data is currently easily available in the "Campaigns" tab anyway, that's pretty much the point of that tab.

There's nothing obvious that currently exists that Google might move into this tab, so maybe something new is coming?

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