By Emily Tantot

Ready to say goodbye to last click reporting and embark on the long sought-after attribution journey? Google’s attribution tools could be just the thing for you. Allowing you to measure the impact that your marketing channels are having on your customer journey and quickly identify business growth opportunities, they will ensure you are getting the most out of your marketing investment.

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Attribution with Google

Both the free and 360 products unify Google Analytics, AdWords, DoubleClick Search, and DoubleClick Campaign Manager data in a seamless way, without the need to implement any additional tagging, providing quick and easy access to cross-channel data. Once this has been unified, Google’s data-driven algorithm will learn from historical performance and attribute a true value to each marketing interaction throughout the customer journey and across devices, thanks to Google’s trusted device graph, unique to Google's attribution products. Now that you have an accurate view of your marketing performance, bidding integrations with AdWords, DS, and DBM will allow you to send this information back to these platforms for easy reporting and optimisation.

Google Attribution summary

‘Google Attribution’

‘Google Attribution’ is a great attribution tool, quick to set up with simplified configuration options and easy to get started with, you can expect to get your first cross-channel insight within weeks of completing the set-up. 

The free and 360 tiers of the Google Attribution product attribute credit in the exact same way, using a cross-device, data-driven, machine learning algorithm. It is worth highlighting that this learning is not limited to the last 4 touch points in the user journey, as is the case with Google Analytics’ data-driven model, but covers all interactions throughout, similar to the data-driven attribution model available in AdWords.

You will be able to unify your website traffic data from Google Analytics with your impression data for activity trafficked through DCM, measure the true impact that your channels are having on your users, and feed this information back into your bidding platforms to ensure you are optimising towards accurate attributed figures. As well as giving an overview of attributed performance, ‘Google Attribution’ will also provide further insight into your customer journey, helping you to understand how long this journey is and what it truly looks like, enabling you to better optimise your media strategy and align your creative messaging across channels and devices.

‘Google Attribution 360’

Although ‘Google Attribution’ is a fantastic tool to kick-start your move away from last click reporting, you may be wondering about channels that sit outside the platforms mentioned above – what of 3rd party data you want to include to make sure you are looking at the full picture? What clear-cut budget alterations could you be making, informed by this picture? Or you may just be looking for a tool that will give you more advanced insight into the ways in which your users are interacting with various types of marketing. Enter ‘Google Attribution 360’.

Running the same data-driven algorithm in the background and boasting an equally straightforward set-up and configuration process, ‘Google Attribution 360’ will allow you to bring 3rd party cost and reference data into the marketing mix, to draw an increasingly complete picture of your marketing performance. It allows for more personalisation to your business needs and marketing activity. Investing in the 360 tier will give you access to a range of advanced features providing further insight into the intricate relations tying your various marketing channels together so you can better inform your strategy and grow your business Integrations with a range of bidding platforms also allow you to export data-driven conversion figures to these other platforms, to quickly and easily action your insights.

If you are interested in knowing not only how your current investment is performing but also where to invest additional budget – you’ve guessed it – this is also something ‘Attribution 360’ can help inform with its spend optimisation capabilities.

All in all, with its advanced configuration possibilities and breadth of attribution reports, ‘Google Attribution 360’ promises to give you a comprehensive and actionable picture of your marketing performance.

How do I get started?

If your interest in Google’s attribution tools has been piqued and you would like to know more, get in touch and we can help you get started on your very own attribution journey, with the tool that’s just right for you.

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