By Dan Jennings

Forget the days of convoluted DCM reporting within excel or google sheets, now you can make use of Data Studio to visualise your DCM data.

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The Connector We’ve Been Waiting For

At the point of release, Data Studio had a good selection of different connectors, covering most of the Google stack, but one area was missing. If you’re an avid user of Data Studio you may have already noticed that there is a new connector on the block, DCM.

With this connection, Data Studio can build dashboards using fields from a subset of the basic set of reports in DCM. This includes 57 fields of data at the moment, including measurements on revenue, placement and video. Making connections to DCM is as simple as it is for Google Analytics or AdWords, whereby connections are made at the advertiser level.

There will be more to come of this connector in the future so look forward to Google expanding on this to incorporate more metrics and dimensions from DCM. But for now, get out there and start building some reports!

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