By Dan Jennings

Data Studio, Google’s data visualization juggernaut is going through a big change which benefits everyone regardless of whether you have the free or 360 version of the product.

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Out With the Old

Data Studio was released last year with two variations, free and 360. Historically, the key differences between these variations has been the number of reports you can make per account (five for free and a thousand for 360). This meant that in some cases the free version of Data Studio wouldn’t be able to accommodate the number of reports we needed to create.

In With the New

As of the 2nd of February, Google have lifted this limitation to Data Studio's free version which means that everyone is now capable of building as many reports as their heart desires (as long as that number is below a thousand, but who would need to build that many anyway?!). 

What Does This Mean for 360?

If you’re already a 360 customer, don’t fret, the billing for this should cease; Data Studio is free for everyone for now. Google have stated that by making this decision, their product team will be given the time to develop more connectors and fixes, as well as giving them the chance to act on the feature requests that they've received from users since the platform's launch.

If you're interested in using Data Studio but aren't sure where to start be sure to contact our team at 020 7234 0500.

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