By Jordan Koroknai

Interstitials take over the whole screen of a user's mobile or tablet device. They usually appear in-app when playing games or before an article loads when browsing online. Boasting a high viewability rate and many options to include rich elements as well, they are growing in popularity across the web.

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What are Interstitials?

Interstitial ads serve on both mobile and tablet devices and are also completely responsive to accommodate for the variety of different screen sizes on the market. 

They can include a host of rich media elements such as video, image galleries, maps and more. This type of creative is best for brand awareness due to the high viewability rate and how it expands to fill a user's entire screen.

Where do they appear?

The vast majority of inventory is on mobile apps. They are usually shown at transition points in the flow of an app i.e. between loading screens in a game or immediately before an app loads up.

Where are they available?

They are currently available through a few exchanges including:, DoubleClick Ad Exchange, MoPub, Nexage, and Rubicon.

Interstitial ad stats

Best Practices

  • The most common interstitial dimensions are 320×480 for smartphones and 768×1024 for tablets. A landscape and portrait orientation should be in the same line item (or inherent in the creative) so you can win all available bid requests.
  • Expect high CTR due to the nature of the format.
  • Generally better for high impact awareness rather than direct response.

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