By Alyssa Alheid Cooke

Canvas ads are a full-screen mobile experience that will help showcase your brand in an interactive and visually immersive way. To find out how they are used and what they are capable of, look no further. 

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Facebook Canvas Ad

What are Canvas Ads?

We have been exploring the creation of Facebook Canvas ads for some time, since their arrival back in 2016. These ads are expressive, immersive & highly visual ways for businesses to tell their stories and showcase their products. They are made up almost exclusively of interactive rich media elements like videos, carousels, tiltable images, maps and more. 

Where do they appear?

Canvas ads appear on Facebook and on mobile devices only and take up the entire screen. They are in the native format, so they blend in seamlessly with the rest of the posts on your timeline. They are successful because they are often tailored to the individual and users don’t immediately recognise them as ads.

What are their main uses?

  • They take the user through the story of your brand from beginning to end with lots of interactive components.
  • They promote numerous products at once in different engaging ways.
  • They translate your website into a canvas. Placing calls-to-actions throughout the tour can increase traffic and conversion rates directly.
Canvas Ad Stats

Best Practices

  • You can only create these ads directly in Facebook; the recommended image size is 1200 x 628 pixels.
  • Canvas ads perform best when they have videos that users can interact with, ideally at the top as an opening title. Rather than just portrait videos, brands are also creatively using full-screen landscape videos, prompting users to turn their phone sideways.
  • Unlike most other formats, canvas ads have the ability to increase brand awareness, showcase products, and promote video all in one full-screen experience.

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