By Neil Collins

The ability to see core Google Analytics data like bounce rate from within AdWords has been the wish of many AdWords users for a long time. This wish looks set to turn in to a reality.

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Within AdWords, Google have always given users the option to customise which metrics are shown at the campaign, adgroup, ad and keyword levels. This function can be found in the main interface under the ‘Columns’ drop down (see below).

AdWords customise columns

OK, so what’s new?

Normally the metrics that can be selected within this function solely relate to AdWords data (e.g. clicks, impressions, conversion etc.). However, as of this morning one of our accounts has a new and exciting extra metric set available - Google Analytics.

Google Analytics column data

Why do I care?

This is great news as it will allow advertisers to see bounce rate, pages per visit and average visit duration from within AdWords at the campaign, adgroup, ad and keyword levels (assuming that you have linked your AdWords & Analytics accounts). This means that advertisers will no longer have to log in to Google Analytics to find this information and more importantly it allows for both sets of data (GA & AdWords) to be used concurrently to give a more rounded picture of a user’s interaction.

Give me an example.

For example, when deciding on whether a keyword is effective you could utilise both the clickthrough rate data from AdWords and the bounce rate data from Analytics. This would help you to decide if a) the keyword was relevant enough to get a large number of clicks on your advert relative to the number of times it was shown (CTR), and more importantly (b) the landing page was useful to the majority of users after they clicked through and they didn’t leave the website after viewing just one page (bounce rate).

At the moment this new metric set has only appeared in one of our accounts but we hope this is a good sign of things to come for the rest.

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