• What Are Facebook Relevance Scores & How To Improve Them

    By Joshua and Sasha in Social, Facebook

    Although not quite a KPI, relevance scores shouldn’t be forgotten. Simply put, Facebook is showing you how relevant your ad is. Here’s an explanation of how relevance score is calculated, its relationship to performance and how you can improve it.

  • Social Media 2018: A Year In Review

    By Sasha in Social, Facebook

    Our paid social experts give their take on delivering client value in a world of live video, data privacy, influencer fraud, and improved attribution.

  • Social Sync & The Power of Second Screening

    By Sasha in

    Want to increase the impact of your social advertising? By tapping into shared experiences across TV, sport and weather, the relevancy of your ads can be greatly increased. Read on to discover the opportunities that social sync technology can provide.