• A Guide to TrueView for Action Video Campaigns

    By Laura in Video

    If you’re looking for opportunities to convert YouTube viewers to customers, the newly-released ad format, TrueView for Action, will drive on-site actions at your desired CPA. Here, we explore some key points to consider before creating your campaign, from conversion tracking to choosing your CPA target.

  • Search to Display Remarketing in DoubleClick Search

    By Laura in Search

    This blog explores how to use labels in DoubleClick Search to create remarketing lists based on what campaign, ad group, ad or even keyword searchers used to find your site.

  • A Guide to AdWords’ Predefined Reports (Dimensions)

    By Laura in Search

    In this blog, we give you an introduction to predefined reports (formerly dimensions) and take you through how you can use the many reports to make more informed optimisation decisions for effective account management.