• Consolidate Your GA Properties With the New Property Moving Feature

    By Jeff in Digital Analytics

    Over time, website structure, ownership and tracking responsibilities can change considerably, leading to a fragmented Google Analytics account structure. With the new Property Moving feature we can address this without losing legacy data.

  • Google Tag Manager Launches Malware Detection

    By Jeff in Digital Analytics

    Google have now introduced automatic malware detection in Google Tag Manager (GTM), adding an additional layer of confidence for enterprise level clients looking to use the tool.

  • Google Tag Manager (GTM) v2 Migration

    By Jeff in Digital Analytics, News

    On Monday 1st June Google started to automatically migrate users from GTM interface v1 to v2. Here's a very quick summary of what you need to know.

  • Google Tag Manager Debug Mode Gets Awesome

    By Jeff in Digital Analytics

    A stealthy release yesterday saw massive improvements in Google Tag Manager (GTM) debug mode. Having had a sneak preview at the Google Analytics Summit in late May I was eagerly awaiting this deployment and it hasn’t disappointed. In summary: more information, more options and greater clarity on how GTM actually works.

  • Implement PDF Download Tracking in Google Analytics with Google Tag Manager

    By Jeff in Digital Analytics

    Google’s announcement of integrated event tracking means that Google Tag Manager (GTM) is now an Enterprise level Tag Management solution. This is the first in a series of quick guides showing how you can leverage this powerful new functionality to implement common tracking additions to the default Google Analytics (GA) reporting suite.

  • A Simple Cookie Notice Solution

    By Jeff in Digital Analytics

    The Periscopix Simple Cookie Notice tool has been developed to offer a potential solution to the EU Cookie legislation.

  • Cookies Continue To Bake

    By Jeff in News

    It’s been nearly a year since Ben last blogged on the EU cookie regulations and there’s been a significant amount of discussion on the subject since. I attended the ABC’s “Interaction 2012” last week where Dave Evans, Group Manager for Business & Industry at the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO), presented a candid presentation titled “Cookies: View from the ICO”. I’ll be discussing some of the interesting points that Dave made during his presentation whilst also providing a quick update on the topic in general.

  • Google Revamp the Recommended Budget Tool

    By Jeff in Search

    By adding chart functionality to their Recommended Budget Tool, Google have made it significantly easier to assess the effect budget changes could have in a campaign.