By Abbie Raybould

In this blog, find out how onboarding Amazon Advertising Platform has become so beneficial to Merkle | Periscopix and the programmatic display industry.

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We all know Amazon!

It may sometimes feel like Amazon is taking over the world, right? Most people tend to spend a small fortune on Amazon, whether it be stocking up on essential supplies, a new fitness watch or smaller purchases such as an iPhone Cases. With more than 310 million active users worldwide and an astounding global reach, Amazon is considered one of the most valuable brands worldwide.

With this many consumers at their fingertips, it makes sense that Amazon would launch a display advertising product. In 2012 they did just that, introducing the Amazon Advertising Platform (AAP). AAP can achieve marketing goals by programmatically reaching these many shoppers at scale. If you didn’t know already, first party data is the best predictor to know consumers shopping habits and Amazon hold a lot of it. It has been an exciting year for AAP, and we expect to see big things coming up in 2018!

First-party data ... lots of it!

Amazon has some of the richest first-party data available, stretching to include extremely valuable past purchase and intent data, which encompasses every stage of the purchase funnel. Amazon’s first party data can be broken into three segments;

  • Lifestyle - including users who show an affinity around certain products and product categories 
  • In-market - users have shown intent to purchase certain items
  • Custom segments - built around whatever the specific needs of an advertiser may be

The ability to layer these audiences against programmatic advertising have created the next generation of cost effective and relevant online advertising through AAP.

Where do Amazon's Display Ads serve?

According to Alexa (Alexa Internet that is… not to be confused with Amazon’s Alexa…), Amazon is the 10th most popular site in the world! Meaning that Amazon’s own site has a huge audience. This isn’t the only place that Amazon ads can serve though. Other environments include:

  • The open exchange – access to all the normal programmatic inventory, but with the power of Amazon data overlaid
  • Other Amazon owned and operated sites, including IMDB (this can only be accessed programmatically through AAP!)
  • Premium publisher environments through Amazon’s direct header integrations.

Remember, we can overlay Amazon 1st party data in all of these environments to reach the best audiences in the best environments.

Advert example on (Amazon's Owned and Operated site):

Advert example on (Amazon's Owned and Operated site)

So, what type of creatives do we run?

Any creative can run on Amazon as long as they’re within the file size limit and contain suitable content. An additional bonus of AAP is that you can also run Dynamic eCommerce ads. These simple layouts are created within the platform. They’re a cost-efficient way to drive clicks and purchases, proving successful with their short conversion journey and very bold call to action. AAP also has video capabilities, with the option to run video across the open exchange.

DC TV 3rd Party Creative:

DC TV 3rd Party Creative

Legends of Tomorrow Dynamic Ecommerce Display Ad:

Legends of Tomorrow Dynamic e-Commerce Display Ad

AAP has the potential to be a valuable platform for any industry vertical due to the rich first party data they possess which can be tailored to any client. AAP is particularly useful to ecommerce clients though, especially those that sell products on Amazon where we can easily measure the sales being generated. We have produced high returns on ad spend across AAP, with exceptional results across the open exchange and Amazon owned and operated sites. If you believe Amazon may work for you, please get in touch.

That’s a quick overview of the Amazon Advertising Platform for Programmatic activity, but Amazon marketing also expands into wider roles under the Amazon Media Group which encompasses not only search but other exciting elements such as Fire TV! Therefore, stay tuned for upcoming follow-up blogs of all things Amazon!

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