By Niyi Duro-Emanuel

The AdWords interface is now displaying more details about the quality score of a keyword. The information will still be accessible via the bubble next to the status of a keyword and the quality score will still be displayed as a numeric value between 1 and 10.

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So What's New?

The interface now shows if your expected clickthrough rate, ad relevance and landing page experience are average, above average or below average. These new ratings allow us to see the performance of a keyword compared to other advertisers.

It is important to note that your keyword can have a high quality score but a below average rating in any of these factors. This is because there are numerous factors which are considered when calculating the quality score of keywords in your account and each of these will have have different weightings.

Updated Quality Score Ratings In AdWords

Expected Clickthrough Rate

The expected clickthrough rate is a prediction and is different from the actual clickthrough rate you see in your account. It is derived from the performance of the keyword in your account and across all other accounts that contain that keyword.

Ad Relevance

The ad relevance rating shows how closely matched your keyword is to your ads.

Landing Page Experience

This rating shows how useful the landing page is for people who click on an ad. The naming of this rating suggests that this is not just linked to content of the landing page but also usability, layout etc.

Is It Useful?

Yes it is useful.

By giving these factors a relative rating you can start to see how your keyword performance stacks up against other advertisers. It should also help to highlight areas that you can focus on improving to get even better performance from your campaigns.

Is It Really useful???

Well...That depends.

We would love to be able to determine an approximate weighting that each of these factors have on a keyword's quality score. These new ratings could give us the ability to do that by monitoring how the ratings given impact the quality scores of keywords across a range of different accounts.

If the information provided is consistent, then this will be very useful!


It is great that we have more information to base decisions on but the real test of how much this improves our ability to manage campaigns is still to come.

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