By Niyi Duro-Emanuel

We noticed today that the ad preview tool is now appearing within the AdWords interface, showing off a new look and some brand new features.

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Displaying Ads Right Now?

Once logged into your account you can access the preview tool via the 'Reporting and Tools' section which now shows (correctly) if your search currently triggers an ad from any of your campaigns. When this was rolled out a few months ago it did not work as well as it could have, as we noticed that even when our ads were showing in the results the tool did not pick this up and just gave 'No' seemingly as the default answer to the question, 'Displaying ads right now?’ This looks to have been fixed now that the tool sits within the Adwords interface. The feature also provides a handy link to your campaign and ad group that has the keyword which triggers the ad, where you can make any changes to your bids, negatives etc.

Ad Preview Tool

Search by Device

The preview tool now also offers an additional option to conduct searches by device type i.e. either desktop or mobile. The desktop/laptop option is as before but the mobile option goes even further, where you can select the actual device (iphone, android etc.) and also the mobile phone operator (Orange, Vodaphone, etc.) and these operator options differ depending on your location settings. This is a particularly useful feature as the importance of mobile within search continues to grow.

Device Option

In Conclusion

Whoever said 'if it ain't broke, don't fix it' was clearly talking rubbish, as these are very useful additions to one of our favourite tools here at Periscopix. Well that’s all for now, we will keep you up to date with any future changes, so watch this space.

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