Firebase is a mobile development platform for Android and iOS apps that gives all the necessary tools to develop, grow, and monetise your apps in one interface so that you can concentrate on what really matters – providing your users with the most enjoyable mobile experience. At the centre of it all is the feature that ties everything together; Firebase Analytics.

Firebase analytics

Spark into action

Firebase Analytics was built from the ground up with the mobile experience in mind from the start to provide a bespoke, and more natural approach to mobile analytics. As Firebase Analytics is at the core of the suite it makes tracking easy. The really good news is that it simply integrates with many other Google Products, including Admob and BigQuery, so you have more time to spend using your new data. The end result: you are able to make smart, data-driven decisions based on everything from click-through rates and user interests to app crashes and versions.

Basic implementation of Firebase Analytics is quick an easy – with every API you need packaged into one single SDK you don’t have to worry about configuring complex infrastructure to get started, Google takes care of that for you.

Hot features

Firebase Analytics was built from the ground up by Google, taking lessons that had been learned through Google Analytics and Google Analytics 360. It provides a bespoke, app-specific system that ultimately gives developers and decision makers the power to take data-driven actions that ensure positive change for their mobile app.

Traditional Google Analytics was originally built for the desktop online experience (although it also has great app tracking these days). Firebase on the other hand was built for mobile, meaning it has several key strengths:

  • Rather than being session and pageview oriented it relates far more to mobile by being wholly driven by events
  • It harneses Google’s excellent segmentation and audience building capabilities - with app notifications as the resulting activation. 
  • It provides unlimited data collection (yes, you heard us right!)
  • You can still get your raw reporting through BigQuery

Our Services

Although the core implementation is simple, there's still plenty to consider around any analytics solution and many areas where we support clients. The aim is to make sure that the resulting data is comprehensive, accurate and properly labelled - making it as easy as possible to take action on.

Our Firebase Analytics Services:

  • Consulting on the decision to use Firebase Analytics or Google Analytics 360
  • Identifying business requirements for your mobile apps, translating this into a comprehensive tracking matrix
  • Mapping this matrix to the correct metrics and reports in Firebase Analytics
  • Ensuring monetization is covered and tracking correctly
  • Assisting and advising the app development team during implementation
  • Tracking QA across both iOS and Android apps.
  • Auditing the data 
  • Training the development, marketing and content teams on the data generated in Firebase Analytics
  • Pushing data from Firebase Analytics and other data sources into BigQuery or proprietary data warehouse.

If you want to know more about Firebase or would like to discuss your app-tracking solution then we'd love to chat.