You will be able to design your individual Google Tag Manager GTM and GTM 360 training together with your trainer. Your team will be asked to return questionnaire to establish your needs and priorities for the course. If possible, we will show you the ropes in your own account and help you with clever tips and tricks. You will learn the essentials, deepen your expert knowledge and understand how to make GTM work best for you.

Yikai GTM GTM 360 trainer

This is Yikai. Having trained classes across the globe and led multiple implementation projects, Yikai can go as deep into the detail as you need. Her workshop sessions ensure hands on learning and practice building for all trainees. She leads some of our biggest Google Tag Manager implementation projects and will be able to give you invaluable advice. No matter if you are a beginner or more advanced, Yikai will ensure that you get the most out of your training session. 

Happy clients

"We had a really fantastic training session on Google Tag Manager with Merkle | Periscopix. It was well planned, well-paced, we covered a huge amount of ground, and it was all hands on, meaning we retain that knowledge.”

Create your GTM Training

Even though we don't have a fixed agenda for our GTM & GTM 360 training, here are some suggestions of typical training content you can choose from:


  • Adding GTM to your website
  • Utilising Google template tags
  • Introducing the concept of a data layer
  • Configuring triggers and variables...


  • Firing tags on specific user actions, e.g. clicks, scrolls & time on page
  • Working with advanced variables, e.g. DOM, Lookup Tables & JavaScript 
  • Leveraging third-party template tags and custom HTML 
  • Enriched use of the data layer 
  • Import & export of container configurations...

We will structure the day around you and your team. Most sessions are a full day from 10am to 4pm with lots of breaks along the way. Our office is a 10 minute walk from London Bridge and Tower Hill.

Google Tag Manager Training Summary

Get a taster of our Google Tag Manager training courses in a handy one-sheeter.

Download GTM training syllabus

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