You will be able to design your individual Data Studio or Data Studio 360 training together with your trainer. Your team will be asked to return questionnaire to establish your needs and priorities for the course. If possible, we will show you the ropes in your own account and help you with clever tips and tricks. You will learn the essentials, deepen your expert knowledge and understand how to make Data Studio work best for you.

Dan Data Studio and Data Study 360 trainer

This is Dan. Heading up our visualisation projects and working closely with the Google Data product team, Dan is our evangelist in transforming raw data into the metrics and dimensions needed to create easy-to-follow reports and dashboards. His passion for Data Studio is contagious and he effortlessly turns his trainees into visualisation wizards.

Create your Data Studio Training

Even though we don't have a fixed agenda for our Data Studio & Data Studio 360 training, here are some suggestions of typical training content you can choose from:

  • Bring Data to life with shareable charts and graphs
  • Visualisation by applying brand themes, groupings and other neat tricks 
  • Time saving techniques to efficient report building  
  • Integration with GA, GA 360 and other products

We will structure the day around you and your team. Most sessions are a full day from 10am to 4pm with lots of breaks along the way. Our office is a 10 minute walk from London Bridge and Tower Hill.

Data Studio Training Summary

View all of the information on our Data Studio training courses in a handy one-sheeter.

Download Data Studio Training Syllabus

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Interested in how we can work together with you for a truly expert and custom-made training experience? Get in touch to learn about what we can do for you and email us at Let's come up with some ideas on how to design your session with extra added value for you!