Bespoke courses 

We have built hands-on training courses across the suite of Google Analytics and related products:

Whichever tool you are skilling up on, the aim is that each team leaves our training course with a wealth of knowledge not only on Google Analytics but also the performance of their digital content or marketing.

Our trainers are experts in their field and all hold a genuine enthusiasm for web analytics, optimisation, attribution as a discipline and the suite of Google products. Between us we've trained hundreds thousands of users on Google Analytics standard and the Analytics 360 Suite. From universities and government institutions to small online stores and big global brands, we're well versed in building and taking courses for every type of organisation.

Training Course Details

Our bespoke training courses cover a wide range of concepts depending on your needs which facilitate intelligent conversations to enhance your setup. Up-skill internally to become a self-sufficient, data-driven organisation.

Sample Course Material

  • Best practices / how to avoid common pitfalls
  • Building a KPI structure
  • Goal and Ecommerce tracking
  • Process of optimisation
  • Four pillars of reporting: AABC
  • How web analytics works: limitations and capabilities
  • Events and virtual pageview tracking
  • Tagging and attribution
  • Advanced interface techniques
  • Segmentation
  • Bespoke dashboards and reporting

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Happy training attendees

  • Canon
  • CERN
  • Macmillan Cancer Support
  • The National Gallery

Enterprise-level training for an Enterprise Tool

As the largest Analytics 360 Reseller in the UK, we also have plenty of experience in showing organisations how to use the new features and integrations available to them with GA360. Whether you've just switched from a different web analytics provider to Analytics 360 and want to understand how to get to grips with your new tool, or require team-specific sessions on individual products like Data-Driven Attribution Modelling or Big Query, we've done it all.

We'd typically suggest a complete novice can go from the basics in a morning session to understanding some (but not all) advanced features and concepts by the end of the afternoon session. Prior to arranging the content of the course, you will have ample time to discuss your needs with your trainer. We also ask that you complete a pre-training questionnaire in order to fully understand your aims and experience.

Ongoing training solution

As Google Analytics is changing all the time, with features being added and changed on a weekly basis, we offer ongoing-training solutions to help keep you at the cutting edge of Google Analytics knowledge and pride ourselves on immersing ourselves in new betas as soon as possible. This means we can pass this knowledge on to you, and ensure you're making good use of these tools before your competition even knows it exists!

We're happy to come your offices for either these short, product-focussed sessions or for multi-day, whole sessions. If you don't have the resources or capacity at your offices, have no fear. We are based in London, a lick and a spit from Tower Bridge. We're well equipped for training at our office with fast internet, big screens and comfortable training rooms. We'll keep you topped up with caffeine and provide a delicious lunch for day courses.

Our trainers

Olly is one of our most experienced analysts and our very own encyclopaedia Analytica. Building on his background in consumer psychology and digital marketing, Olly took the plunge into the world of web analytics. In addition to guest blogging on remarketing and persona analysis he is also the biggest contributor to our Google Analytics Blog.

Former SEO-guru-Arran is another of our most experienced trainers. Arran's natural ability as a teacher make him an unflappable giver of analytics wisdom. His almost unrivalled ability to turn his hand from complex coding conundrums to actionable analysis tips ensures he's one of our most valuable and versatile trainers.

As a former Corporal in the Greek Army, Angelos knows how to whip people into shape! Having put that all behind him, Angelos now uses his leadership instincts to take training sessions as well as speaking at industry events evangelising on Google Analytics. With a particular flair for analysis, Angelos has all the tools required to get you up to scratch on digging in to your GA data.

Durham maths-grad Andy is another one of our trainers equally adept at both tracking and analysis, with a natural instinct to overcome challenges. This adaptability makes him a perfect person to take training sessions for the most basic of beginners up to those who are looking to dig into the detail of Measurement Protocol and User-ID configuration.

Proud Guern Jamie is our reporting extraordinare, having helped some of our largest clients use Klipfolio, "Magic" dashboards and, of course, the GA interface itself. Having helped clients with their reporting means he also has a knack for identifying KPIs and an expert eye for spotting opportunities to streamline tracking and analysis.

Some happy training attendees

"Our training session with Periscopix was perfectly tailored to our website and our needs. The session was adapted to help answer our questions and use live examples from our pages. We are now able to confidently report on our website to the rest of the organisation and implement changes to improve our site".

"Merkle | Periscopix was very knowledgeable and helped to relate the training to my business sector and GA account. What has impressed me most is the post-training support I have received as Merkle | Periscopix have been brilliant at feeding back to me on my new skills".

"I would not hesitate to recommend Merkle | Periscopix Google Analytics training sessions. Tailored to your organisation by people who know what they are talking about, the sessions are delivered in plain language by personable people. Thanks for a productive learning day!".

"Merkle | Periscopix are undoubtedly the analytics experts! They put together a detailed training syllabus based on our specific needs and listened to us throughout the training day to ensure all our questions were answered. We were slightly daunted at the prospect of a day studying analytics; it was however thoroughly enjoyable!"