The answer is simple. DMPs help marketers with the one thing that we care about the most: improving ROI.

They connect the adtech and the martech, online and offline data, direct marketing and digital media, and they can increase scale and achieve cross-channel hyper targeting, all at the same time.

What can DMPs do for you?

Marketers struggle with integrating multiple disparate data sources. The customer is therefore not at the centre of the marketing strategy; they are left with a fragmented brand experience and marketers are left with inefficient use of budget. DMPs bring together real-time audience decisioning and targeting, cross-channel activation, and personalised user experiences to squeeze every last drop of performance out of campaigns and websites.

Our consultants are experienced in all major DMPs:

How we can help you:

Signing the contract of licensing a DMP does not automatically lead to a successful return of investment. Driving value from your DMP requires a clearly defined strategy, a team with cross-functional expertise, and a new operational process. And this is where we come in.

Who we are

We're a multi-skilled team of marketing professionals focused on helping our clients strategise, implement, and provide ongoing management of DMPs to improve and expand reach, improve efficiency and drive higher ROI of your marketing programs.

What we do

  • Create plans to drive value through adoption of DMPs.
  • Assess and assist to deploy industry-leading DMPs.
  • Develop digital audience targeting roadmaps to evolve your targeting capabilities.
  • Lead analysis and segmentation to activate audience-based cross-channel targeting.
  • Implement both industry and Merkle best practices for audience-based campaign execution.

We have developed a 4-step approach that can help you regardless of where you are on your journey with DMPs. Our approach spans advisory services, from helping clients select a platform to managing a focused implementation project, to activating audiences through the DMP.

The DMP Process

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Some of our clients

  • Warner Bros.
  • B&Q
  • Zoopla
  • Aviva

If you’re wondering whether a DMP is the next move for your business, we’d love to hear from you. For questions on processes, pricing or best-practice, we're the team to speak to!