Optimize 360

Optimize 360, as its name suggests, is an optimisation tool aimed at taking action based on insights and enabling data-driven testing and personalisation. With its super-tight integration with Google Analytics and easy to use editor, this tool makes it quick and easy to create A/B, Multivariate or Redirect tests.

Because Optimize sits within the Analytics 360 Suite, the innate integration with Google Analytics allows for a multitude of collaborations between the two platforms. These include:

  1. Goals and key metrics in GA can be used as experiment objectives in Optimize – allowing you to measure the success of experiments based on your existing KPIs
  2. Analytics audiences can be shared to Optimize - to execute personalised experiments targeting specific subsets of users
  3. Optimize experiment data is available in GA - for thorough analysis in your analytics platform during and post-experiment

Seemless integration between Analytics 360 and Optimize 360

Seemless integration between Analytics 360 and Optimize 360

How we can help

We offer end-to-end services to help you fulfil your optimisation goals, or can take any part of the process for you. The key areas we will support you on include:

  1. Our expert data-driven analysis to help you pinpoint key areas of improvement to ensure you are testing your website based on science and not instinct. We use Analytics 360 data alongside voice of customer tools to zero in on the low-hanging (and higher-hanging!) fruit. 
  2.  Setting up your Google Optimize account, including configuring experiments to achieve the exact targeting conditions necessary as well as building out variations in the editor. Our team is hugely experienced in building website variations and can help to increase the sophistication of your testing program.
  3.  Post-experiment reporting and analysis. It doesn’t stop at building the test; once we’ve run an experiment and collected the data, we will dive back into the data and give you a big picture analysis of how the experiment impacted users. Making use of segmentation and our vast experience with Analytics 360 allows us to dig into the detail of the results.

Example Optimize 360 reporting

Example Optimize 360 reporting

Sigma Sport

In 2017 Sigma Sport are focusing their efforts on optimising users’ experience onsite. They challenged us to help them achieve this endeavour, while also pushing to increase their eCommerce conversion rates by 15%.  As a Certified Google Partner, we leveraged our expertise in both Google Optimize and Analytics (GA) platforms to deliver results which over-exceeded targets, seeing conversion rates soar by 32% as a result.  

Read the full case study here

Expert advice

If you're weighing up different testing and personalisation vendors, or just plain interested in what the tool can do, get in touch. We're more than happy to run through demos using your website so you can understand the process, pricing and the potential. Our aim is a better web for everyone so what are you waiting for, let's get started!