Analytics 360 Resellers

Google Analytics 360, formerly Google Analytics Premium, has all the benefits of the standard Google Analytics tools plus a host of additional features, around Service Level Agreements, increased data and sampling limits and new reports. This means that you continue to benefit from the same easy-to-use interface but achieve greater insights than ever before.  We're the UK's largest GA 360 Reseller and we will take you all the way from appraising suitability to building a support package and buying the licence.

Enterprise-level support

Given our experience with the tool across sectors such as Ecommerce, Finance, Not-For-Profit, Publishing and more, we can support you in developing your tracking framework, help to prioritise actions to take on the data and train you on the new tool. Examples of typical areas we work clients on include:

  • Identifying business requirements for websites, mobile and apps, translating this into a comprehensive tracking matrix that we implement.
  • Integrating third-party data sources, like CRMs or even offline actions, with Google Analytics to provide as comprehensive data as possible.
  • Understanding the best way to share data across the organisation and building a reporting structure that enables all levels of the organisation to easily see and take action on what’s happening.
  • Creating a training program to ensure that users and teams know how Analytics 360 can help them and the wider business to gain competitive advantage, including a "self-serve" mentality to web analytics.
  • Using the data to take action; this can take the form of attribution or marketing analysis, audience identification and segmentation or on-site conversion rate optimisation.
  • Pushing data from Google Analytics and other data sources into a central source, for example Data Management Platform, BigQuery or proprietary data warehouse.

Some of our enterprise clients

  • Autotrader
  • B&Q
  • Canon
  • Eurotunnel
  • Royal London Group
  • Tesco
  • Virgin Media
  • Zoopla

Why go with a Reseller?

It’s possible to get Analytics 360 from either directly with Google or via an agency Reseller. Our view point (being as unbiased as possible!) is that if you’re investing in an enterprise-level tool, you want your level of support to match the quality of the product. The reasons for purchasing through us as opposed to Google can be boiled down to a few key points:

  1. You will get more support. Whilst Google will limit their support in terms of days of training and websites they’ll work with implementations on, we don’t. Examples of areas where we will go beyond the Google service:
    1. We will physically add code to your site via tag management platforms or liaise directly with developers
    2. We support all the domains you own
    3. We will proactively dig into the data to make suggestions on how to best use it
    4. We will analyse data, create remarketing lists, build attribution models and help you to get the most form your data
    5. We get our hands dirty with API extractions and BigQuery analysis
    6. We will come and see you. Or you can come to us! As regularly as you like. We have several clients where we work in-house for one day a week.
  2. We’re more experienced. Google is vastly experienced in many areas, but web analytics consulting is relatively new for them. In contrast, we’ve been doing this for over nine years and have huge experience in translating business requirements into web analytics output and helping you get the most from your data. 
  3. Our portfolio of clients. We have over 30 analysts working on Analytics 360 accounts, meaning that we adopt betas as quickly as possible; we work across industries; and we work with a host of additional third-party tools. We take these learnings and experience to proactively work with you on the areas we know will give you the best competitive advantage.
  4. Our passion. As an agency and team our singular focus is on providing you with the support necessary for you to succeed and grow.

One of our happy Analytics 360 clients

"I couldn't be happier with their service. They are friendly, efficient, never miss a deadline and work with passion and incredible attention to detail. Issues are spotted proactively and dealt with very efficiently by a responsive team. For the first time in a long while eFinancialCareers can finally trust the data reported in our Web Analytics tool and can use it to improve product performance and understand our users better. I would recommend Periscopix to any datavore company (as we are) as they're the perfect team to work with."

Alessandra Wood

Product Manager, Web Analytics - eFinancialCareers

We can help you

If you want to chat through details of our Analytics 360 service, just drop us a line - we have been Google Analytics Premium Resellers since the program launched so we can help you to build a buiness case internally. The pricing and support packages we offer are built around your requirements and we’re always happy to chat through what your support time requirements would look like. Equally if you’re interested in demos or case studies, we’d love to show you around and talk about how you would benefit from the product, or how the tool compares with alternatives.