What's so great?

Good question, glad you asked. The key is, as ever, the tight integrations between the products within the 360 suite and the wider set of Google marketing and analysis tools. 

Data Studio 360 lies on top of the rest of the suite, capable of pulling data from each of the tools and bringing into one place seemlessly


This seamless integration with the rest of Google’s platforms is of course a massive plus but the advantages over other report building tools doesn’t stop there:

  • Data Sources: Multiple data sources can populate a report at the same time. This means we can now see Google Analytics, DoubleClick, AdWords and even your own CRM or call centre other data sets alongside one another within the same report! Another key benefit here is the ability to create custom metrics and dimensions as part of the data source linking process.
  • Sharing: Because Data Studio is built off of Google Docs, sharing is incredibly simple. Links to the report can be sent with view or edit access and can be done via email or a copied link.
  • Collaboration: The ability to have multiple people tweaking the same report, concurrently in real time, can give rise to an immensely different work flow.
  • Efficiency: The speed at which reports can be created is truly incredible, an instinctive click and drag model makes producing graphs, maps and tables exponentially faster than it would be in Google Analytics or Google sheets. And once you've found a report or module you like, a quick copy & paste can further accelerate your workflow.
  • Customisation: whether it's simply adding your logo or adding a snazzy image to sit behind your visualisations, Data Studio certainly feeds you creative appetite too!

Example Data Studio dashboard


How can we help?

Data Studio is an easy to use tool at the very top level, but in order to get the most out of it, you may need a helping hand.. We can assist in a number of different areas, from the technical aspects to the cosmetic ones:

  • We can assist in the creation of calculated metrics that are otherwise unavailable from data sources. Even though we can create calculated metrics in Google Analytics, we don’t have immediate access to them in Data Studio, so they need to be rebuilt within the tool.
  • With one of the biggest and most experienced analytics teams in Europe, we’re happy to help you determine and define KPIs and what you actually should be reporting.
  • The customisation of dashboards: Not everyone is an artist, even with Data Studio’s customization options getting the perfect look for your reports could use a helping hand.
  • Given our vast experience with Analytics 360, we can also support with analysing the data once it makes its way to Data Studio.
  • Data Studio 360 has a lot of additional features, so if you need assistance bringing in data from multiple sources (even the ones that aren’t yet supported) or want our artistic input we can help, just give us a call.