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We bring together analysts from statistics to psychology; quality assurance to consultancy; and maths to marketing; all of which means we have the perfect blend of people to help you with your Google Analytics project. Although our projects are all completely bespoke and built around your requirements, we do have an ideal process for driving website improvement. This is artfully illustrated below. Wherever you are on your web analytics journey, we'll steer you on your way.

Google Analytics services

Full service strategy consultation

We've helped some of the largest businesses in Europe get their digital strategy off the ground so if there's a bigger-scale project you want to chat through, let us know. Given our vast experience we can help with anything from needs analysis, stakeholder interviews and coming up with an initial planning document for your web analytics architecture all the way through the cycles above to using and sharing data. Our primary focus is to ensure we provide you with a competitive advantage by leveraging the data that you track, own and buy. This might take the form of:

  • On-site website optimisation and personalisation
  • Attribution insight and modelling
  • Audience identification and segmentation for marketing 

How can we help?

It's often been said that to be successful in the online world you need to have digital in your DNA. Luckily for us, we've got that in abundance. We've also got passion, dedication, expertise and a whole lot more to boot.

We regularly write for leading industry titles such as Search Engine Watch, Search Engine Land and Econsultancy, as well as sharing our thoughts on our own blog. We also attend industry events several times a year. All of this means we strive to innovate and pride ourselves on being the first in line for new betas, allowing us to keep clients up to date with the latest tools and features to help drive the most insight and improvement from your website and marketing.

Some happy customers

  • Aldi
  • Autotrader
  • Eurotunnel
  • Screwfix
  • TATE Britain
  • Tesco
  • The Body Shop
  • The Money Advice Service

Rest assured

Alongside making sure that we're getting you up to speed with the newest and most useful betas, another one of the cornerstones of the way we work is in our approach to our clients. We pride ourselves on being as transparent as a freshly-squeegeed car windshield. All of our fees are itemised up front based on anticipated time required and we keep you updated as to how much time we've spent at every step of the projects we work on. At the same time, we acknowledge the deep level of trust that our clients give us in adding tags and code to their websites as part of some installation projects. We have developed rigorous quality assurance processes to ensure that the tracking we add will not alter the functionality of your website.

"Merkle | Periscopix conducted a thorough audit of our Google Analytics implementation and were very responsive to feedback. The result - immediate development work on the website and accurate tracking. They then conducted a series of detailed stakeholder interviews to design actionable reports relevant to our organisational context."

What our Analytics employees do

We're hiring into our Analytics team - check out our careers page for more details! 

  • Account Setup & Audit

    You know your website, and your objectives. We know how to set up and audit Google Analytics accounts so that you're making the most of the platform. Sounds like a match made in heaven, don’t you think?

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  • Tealium iQ

    We are Tealium Certified Partners and have a number of certified specialists. We’ve helped clients with one off ad-hoc support and troubleshooting to full implementations and ongoing maintenance.

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  • Firebase Analytics

    Firebase Analytics is a comprehensive app-tracking tool that lets you get insight into first ad click all the way through to the user journey on your app.

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  • Training

    Google Analytics training is our bread and butter. Our trainers can help you get the most of your data, & open your eyes to the power of GA.

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  • Attribution Analysis

    If you've got marketing channels then you need attribution analysis. What's the point in relying on last-click data when there's so much more to help you understand true marketing performance.

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  • Google BigQuery

    Google BigQuery helps you get more out of your analytics data, providing more granular and flexible analysis capabilities across a broad spectrum of datasets.

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  • Testing & Personalisation

    A/B testing and personalisation is a cornerstone of a good digital strategy. Using voice of customer tools and web analytics data, we can help define where and how to improve your website.

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  • Optimizely

    We're Optimizely Certified Partners and the second most Optimizely-qualified team in the world (at last count!). Talk to us about testing, personalisation or simply getting more from your testing program.

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  • Data Management Platforms

    DMPs help marketers with the one thing that we care about the most: improving ROI.

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