Audience Center 360

Gone are the days of your data all sitting in separate siloes and streams, often under separate teams, where nothing communicates with each other. To fully embrace the world of addressable marketing you want to avoid a fragmented view of a user journey and an even more fragmented experience of your marketing activities. Enter a DMP.

Audience Center 360, currently in closed beta, helps you to quickly understand your customers and gain deeper insights across channels, devices, campaigns, and audiences. A native integration with the DoubleClick stack allows access to Google and third-party data to further enrich your own first-party data and inform your audience strategy.

By using methods such as frequency capping, lookalike modelling, and audience suppression to name but a few, we can optimise our digital campaigns in a much more efficient, targeted manner to save on budget, time, creatives, and resourcing. Activation can take place through the Google stack as identified in the image below, as well as over one hundred 3rd party platforms.

How does Audience Center fit in?

Activating data using Audience Center

How we can help

We offer end-to-end services throughout the entire lifetime of an Audience Center 360 project. Our service offerings include:

  • Implementation and integration of Audience Center 360 with relevant aggregation and activation platforms to ensure everything is ready to use from day one.
  • Data analysis, audience creation and Audience Center 360 end usage to ensure an efficient, super targeted data offering for digital activation through media campaigns and on-site optimisation and personalisation.
  • Utilising lookalike modelling and cluster analysis to identify your future high value, or high risk, customers, allowing you to take the necessary intervention
  • Training on Audience Center 360 to transfer the necessary knowledge, skills, and techniques to allow an in-house team to take over the day-to-day running of the platform.
  • High level strategy consultancy to help you achieve not only your performance media targets, but to help you drive your business as forward as possible by supplementing key strategic business decisions with informed data-driven analyses and actionable outcomes.