“We all have ability. The difference is how we use it.”

Stevie Wonder

In a company made up of predominantly geeks and data nerds, Yasmin’s love for theatre and music is like a breath of fresh air.

The town of Sittingbourne quickly proved too small for Yasmin’s ambitions; by the time university was calling, Yasmin was set on exploring the north and took Sheffield as a base where she studied English Literature & Theatre. The city’s serene and friendly atmosphere proved a healthy stomping ground for this budding intellectual, so much so that she stayed in Sheffield for another year after graduating – safe to say that Sittingbourne was by now but a distant memory.

It wasn’t just the leisurely life that Yasmin enjoyed; she and her friends set-up their own theatre company to provide young people with a platform for creative expression. Their productions were a hit and the company continues to put on shows across the UK!

Clearly, Yasmin loves theatre, but music is up there too. She is currently going through an intense hip-hop phase and is rampaging through Jay-Z’s latest album. When not putting on shows or listening to music, you can find her making music – with her feet!  Nothing keeps the blues away like a bit of tap dancing.

To Yasmin, the only thing more magical than Sheffield has been kayaking around Ha Long Bay. Apparently exploring the caves of a UNESCO World Heritage Site with gibbons jumping around you, narrowly trumps Sheffield’s peace gardens.

Yasmin’s professional journey to Merkle | Periscopix has also not been an easy one having endured, amongst others, a stint as a washing machine saleswoman. Managing her own theatre company has also been a challenge, but one which brought her into the realms of digital marketing and PPC and hence closer to our team! Yasmin’s zest for life and culture shines through her work, and you will no doubt see this if you’re lucky enough to get her as an account manager.