“If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough.”

Albert Einstein

Not only is Yikai the only person in the office to speak Mandarin, she also vies for the title of most niche fluent language spoken: Shanghainese (closely competing with Lugandan)! Growing up in tech-central Shanghai City, Yikai also picked up plenty of other languages as part of her degree in Software Engineering – Javascript and PHP being just two – along with a partial understanding of Cantonese to help her follow the cheesiest of pop-stars and soaps (every student needs a cheesy soap opera in their life!).

After gaining a thorough understanding of the technical world, Yikai came over to the UK to complete a Masters in e-Business Management, get her first job as a Web Designer, meet her husband and have her first child! Whilst working as a Web Designer had its thrills (including designing the lighting control interface for the Eiffel Tower!), Yikai wanted a role where she could combine tech and analytics, and Periscopix beckoned! When Yikai's not spreading her good nature around the office she's almost certainly spending quality time with baby Samuel – surely one of the cutest kids around.