“You snooze, you lose.”


Our very own island girl Yasmin was born and bred on the isle of Jersey. Although by her own admission it’s tiny and boring, Yasmin kept herself entertained by becoming an ice-cream scooper. When she found her hands getting too cold for ice-cream, she swapped the scoop for a wine glass by giving out wine tours on a vineyard. Luckily the only cheese on offer on these tours came in the form of Yasmin’s puns, as she detests the stuff - but that might explain her below average TripAdvisor reviews. Yasmin was able to get over the heartache of these middling scores by sampling the fine wine with her guests; just to ensure it was up to the local Jersey standards that we all know and expect.

By her own admissions, she’s a good surfer (being able to stand up on a board does constitute good surfing). Sadly however, she had to leave her surf board behind when she crossed the English Channel. But she couldn’t stay away from water for too long, as she took up rowing at university. Rowing did come more naturally to Yasmin, as it didn’t require the strenuous standing that surfing demanded.

Even as the middle-born child in a set of triplets, Yasmin can proudly claim that she’s the best out of the three at PPC. When she’s not bumping into Prince William in bars or trying to figure out how she can get more Instagram followers than her dog Muffin, you’ll find Yasmin optimising PPC campaigns to perfection. And we’re pleased to report that her PPC skills have helped her rack up 5 star reviews – a far cry from her cheeseless wine touring days.