“Where there’s a Will, there’s a way.”

Will Storey

If you find someone who looks at you the way Will looks at the outputs of linear regression models in RStudio, marry them immediately. There is no greater love on this planet.

Like all the best romantic novellas, these star crossed lovers met in Newcastle, the Paris of the North East. Studying Maths at university, Will came across data modelling techniques at the tender age of eighteen. From that fateful moment forth, he picked “as many stats modules as was humanly possible” earning the respect of statisticians on both sides of the Bayesian / Frequentist divide. Will currently applies these techniques to some of our biggest clients and marketing budgets. In addition to evangelising the latest and greatest techniques, models and R packages, Will’s expert forecasting ability and modelling proficiency informs our decision making and keeps us one step ahead of the game (at least within a 90% confidence interval).

A Northern boy through and through, our Will knows a good pie when he sees one. He’s still on the hunt for a pie to rival his favourite Geordie pie establishment. Choose your own pie, mash, peas and gravy it was. Ooft, does sound tasty.

When not grumbling about the price of beer or lack of a good pie here in the capital, you can find Will enjoying a good tour of significant historical events. If you get the chance, ask him about the time he went on a Jack the Ripper “immersive experience”. Some say it changed him forever.