“Willing to help”

Will Crofton, 2019

Travelling. It’s a bucket list staple. It’s also what Will did for most of his youth. Before he reached adulthood, he had already seen the hills of Venezuela, the hills of China, and even the hills of Cambodia. He says flat ground’s fine too though. He wouldn’t stop there however, as he still travels to this day - to and from Victoria no less. Old habits die hard.

If you worked here, you’d probably think Will can only play Sweet Child of Mine on our office Ukulele, but it turns out he can play Sweet Child of Mine on the piano too. In fact, he can play lots of songs on the piano. He’s been a musician for years, but also wants to start learning guitar, and hopes to expand on his current drum knowledge by the end of the year. Old Habits die hard 2: Die Harder.

More than just a pretty face, Will attended the University of Durham, and did maybe the only thing harder than his degree in Mathematics. Rowing. This timetable and workout regime is famously gruelling, and pushed his student body to the limit. Some days he’d even have to wake up as early as 4:30am, which is - according to Will - possible. It wasn’t long after that hellish nightmare was over that Will landed a role at Merkle. Now he wakes up at 6. 

Will is an Analytics Associate, which means he speaks GA as a second language. He’ll provide insights on your analytics data and advise you on where to best focus your time and energy. He’ll also implement a fresh tracking solution via GTM to keep track of all the interactions and marketing tags you have on your site. “Impressive stuff” we hear you say, “But can he code in Python?”. Well, yes, he can! It’s people like Will that automate the processes we all hate to do manually. Thank you Wills of the world, you’re alright by us.