“That which does not kill us makes us stronger.”

Friedrich Nietzsche

Violeta was born when she was very young. Raised as a child, she didn’t become an adult until adulthood, when she decided to leave her hometown of Valladolid for the far away land of The University of Valladolid, famous for its castles and great wine. After getting a degree in Computer Engineering, Violeta got a degree in Statistics, which finally enabled her to chase her life-long dream: getting another degree, an MSc in Teaching Mathematics. After that, Violeta made the move to the UK, a small island off the coast of Spain. This would change her life forever.

London opened Violeta’s eyes to new experiences and cultures and she quickly became enthralled. Now obsessed with travel, Violeta has been to an exceptional number of countries, including Myanmar, New Zealand, Brazil, Guadalupe, and even Scotland. People say however, that “home is where the heart is”, and Violeta’s heart is almost always with the rest of her, here in London. Violeta has one of the most diverse skillsets on the team, and is proficient in GA, Data Studio, A360, SQL, and more. Typically, you can find Violeta presenting analyses to clients, helping them better streamline their marketing strategy or crunching numbers to translate them into real tangible solutions for you and your business. So, whether it’s Attribution, Google Analytics, or the Google Marketing Platform you need help with, it’s likely you’ll speak to Violeta. You’ll be lucky too, I hear she has 3 degrees.

If you had to pick Violeta out of a large crowd, you’d probably say “Violeta”, but if you hadn’t read this bio you’d probably say, “The woman dancing latin music while playing sports and trying a new exotic dish”, and then everyone else will say “Oh that’s Violeta. Those are her hobbies that she does”. When not hanging out in large crowds, she likes to relax by being “Too Competitive” at softball, which we assume means yelling. The fuel behind all good teams. Except ours of course, our fuel is dreams.