“If you believe in telekinesis raise my hand.”

Kurt Vonnegut

Walt Disney’s final film, “The Jungle Book”, left the future of Mowgli uncertain but thanks to Victor Kossoski we can finally close the book with a little PPC epilogue.

Born in the ecological capital of Brazil, Curitiba, a city so green it is said the residents never set foot on the grass, true to the stereotype Victor spent many days climbing mango trees, eating their fruit and generally avoiding Shere Khan. Having made it back to the man-village young Victor swapped the sweltering, muggy heat of south Brazil for the atmospheric rain and picturesque snow of Britain.

With the trees of Leeds sadly fruitless, and an aversion to grass hampering his time on the admittedly mud-dominated football pitches of Yorkshire, Victor put his nimbleness to work clearing chocolate from the inside of tankers. Not a bad summer job if you can keep all of your Cadbury’s chocolate fingers! Aside from living out the dream of “big-boned” kids everywhere his teenage years spawned a love of real film cameras and Scorsese films. Fine preparation for the mean streets of London where he studied Politics at Kings College (surely a breeze for a former head boy who was elected on the promise of a coffee machine for his 6th form).

Nowadays the man-cub is all grown up. The trees now keywords growing succulent conversions, he continues to climb and this time he’ll take your campaigns with him.