“Mastering others is strength. Mastering yourself is true power.”

Lao Tzu

Tristan joins our ever-growing dev team as the resident karate expert, having studied the martial art for longer than he cares to remember. Growing up in the exotic town of East Grinstead, Tristan was the stereotypical 'geeky' kid, finding himself immersed in the oft-travelled trifecta of Maths, Science and IT.

Having decided that working in the world of computers was his vocation, Tristan went to Portsmouth to study Web Technology at university. Despite becoming notorious on the Taekwondo team for enjoying the social side of the society more than the physical side (don't drink and tiger claw, kids), Tristan's placement year showed him that the web creation side of the IT world wasn't for him, and he wanted to move into something more geeky. Once CERN told him that they had no vacancies and he got rejected for his dream role of 'kooky British dev' on the Big Bang Theory, Tristan set his sights on joining our brilliant team here at Periscopix.

Tristan lives in Hoxton now and spends his time checking out the bars and restaurants around his local area. Just don't be surprised any more to see him karate chopping a desk in half if he encounters a 404 message when trying to log in to Sonar....