“Don't trust everything you see. Even salt looks like sugar.”

Maryum Ahsam

Growing up in Manchester as a Liverpool fan can’t be easy. Tom has somehow managed to come out relatively unharmed (the eyebrow thing was completely unrelated – and nothing to do with the naughties trend).

Tom went on to study Mathematics at Leeds where his love of football helped him score an amazing dissertation developing a formula to predict football seasons based on millions of points of data. Deciding it would have been a bit of a gamble to run with that as a business model, he knew a job in data-driven digital marketing was a perfect fit.

Our Arctic Monkeys loving Northern lad regrets that he doesn’t in fact look good on the dancefloor, but dreams of tickling the ivories in front of an adoring audience. We’ve heard there’s a strong correlation between mathematical genius and musical prodigy so he might be on to something.

When he’s not watching football, or listening to music, Tom loves nothing more than cooking a great Mexican meal for his friends or family or basically whoever will pick up a fork and get stuck in.

So if you’re looking to taste success in your campaigns fuelled by a passionate mathematical whiz kid, then Tom is your guy!