“To dare is to lose one’s footing momentarily. Not to dare is to lose oneself.”

Søren Kiekegaard

Skiing enthusiast, rugby player, saxophonist, lasagne connoisseur, gymnast and all-round rockstar, Tim is a person of many talents. Born and raised in Newcastle, he grew up with two sisters in a family of a dentist and a primary school teacher. Social and energetic, Tim found himself enjoying sports - his achievements in rugby can be measured by the several times he has broken his nose playing (it’s 5 if you’re wondering).

With ambitions going far beyond his hometown, Tim went to Sheffield University to get a taste of independence and study International Business, where he first discovered his interest in Digital Marketing. However, his “act first, deal with it later” philosophy pushed Tim even further afield, as he found himself moving to Copenhagen for a year abroad. He enjoyed the social and cultural aspects of the incredible city, and fondly recalls playing in a rugby team for a hippie Danish village - a time Tim calls “the best year of his life”.

Travelling has always been a huge passion of Tim’s, as he knocked places off his bucket list, making his way through the world. So far, among many other places, Tim has explored Australia, New Zealand, Thailand and Cambodia; enjoyed Russian hospitality; toured South Africa as a rugby player and volunteered in Mongolia, where he helped build schools in a local village. For his next adventure, Tim’s dream is to go skiing in Japan, combining his two greatest lifelong passions: sports and travelling.

Back in Sheffield, Tim and his best friend shared a dream - the London dream. Bright and ambitious, they both applied to Merkle with high hopes of making it in together. Luck was on their side as both received their offers, setting the London dream in action. The hustle continues as Tim works hard in Paid Social and in his spare time enjoys everything the city has to offer. In Merkle, Tim is known for his positive attitude, embarrassing childhood photos and never-ending sports-like drive to smash whatever goal is in front of him. Keep it up!