“When I was young, all the other kids would make fun of me for being too pretty… It’s ironic that now that’s how I make my living.”

Adriana Lima

Tim has lived a pretty quiet life. Born in Bath and growing up in the quaint city of Oxford, he studied hard at school and went on to study physiology at Cardiff University.

Oh, I forgot to mention a few things.

Who is the man on the Abercrombie & Fitch bag, I hear you ask? That’s Tim. You probably had a picture with him at some point in Hong Kong.

The rest of Tim’s life is also pretty average. An interest in Rugby bloomed from the early age of nine, where he decided to join his local club and became county captain by 16. He went on to play rugby for England’s under 17s and was then pegged to be the next Jonny Wilkinson (his life idol, by the way) until he injured his knee and could no longer continue mentoring Mauro Itoje. Shame.

Tim owns next to nothing and lives light – according to the man himself, he’s not a materialistic kind of guy and doesn’t even want to be rich. Which is good, since despite all the wise and wonderful lessons his mother taught him, Tim was never very good at living within his means – there seems to be a permanent hole in his pocket from those regular evenings out with £80 drinks bills – he could swear he only spent £30…

Tim has admitted, however, that PPC was always his true calling. He knew that Merkle was the perfect fit for him because he would love to visit and work in America. He plans on taking over the company and working part time in the office, and part time shirtless on the beach at the newly opened California branch – dream on, McDreamy.

For now, Tim is based in London (where he will get no richer) and is keen to do the “touristy” things in London, like seeing the Queen and shouting at a television in a pub. Given his previous track record, I’m sure your PPC campaigns will see great and over-achieving things from him.