“Nature loves courage. You make the commitment and nature will respond to that commitment by removing impossible obstacles.”

Terence McKenna

Tom grew up in the rural countryside of Hampshire near Winchester, a beautiful city that once was Capital of England. The bucolic landscape meant that from his back garden he could see the purple straight lines of the lavender and the luminous green of the watercress fields extending to the horizon.

This peaceful upbringing helped in shaping his interests and after joining Loughborough University he combined the idea of internationalisation in computing and business. While perfecting his tennis skills and improving his own gin recipe, he was also busy creating an app for gym customers, helping users around the world access his software despite cultural and language barriers.
He is also a natural explorer that won’t let a travel occasion slip, despite the number of participants. After his last trip to Europe the natural choice was to move to London to join Periscopix. 

We’ve put his background to work in the programmatic team, where his extensive knowledge comes in handy across his client portfolio.