“Here's some little-known facts about couscous: they didn't add the second cous until 1979.”

Chandler Bing

When our Re of sunshine Stefano was just a young boy growing up in a small village outside of Milan, he dreamt of travelling (and conquering) the world. Aware that languages would ultimately be key, he wanted to get as many under his belt as possible and chose to learn both French and English. Although he was always top of his class at French, he just couldn’t master English. Eventually when it was time to fly the nest, he set up shop in Paris, where he stayed for a year of his life.

While his time in the French capital was an arc de triumph, he just couldn’t stop thinking about his failure to master the English language back at school. Stefano couldn’t give up on his dream of being proficient in three languages and decided it was time to move to London to learn from the natives. In no time at all he had conquered England(‘s language) and was successful in his endeavour to articulate himself amongst the locals, however in the process he eloquently and expressively erased all of his knowledge of le Francaise.

London and Paris aren’t the only places Stefano has called a home – just before he went to University he decided to live in India for a year. Despite finding it challenging at times, he maintains that it was the most “interesting” year of his life.

Having been exposed to so many different types of cultures all over the world, Stefano’s interests and hobbies are inspired by different ideas, customs and societies from around the globe. Stefano loves Yoga (from India), European film (from Europe) and global cuisine (from anywhere). He continues to take any opportunity to travel wherever and whenever he can, but always likes to return to his beloved Italy to enjoy a cool, refreshing gelato.

With it literally being in his name, it is no surprise that Stefano joined the SEO team here at Merkle, and equally unsurprising that he decided his niche would be International SEO. His passion for developing audiences and traffic for sites all over the world has been pivotal in the creation of best practices and internal processes for not just International SEO, but for Merkle’s international cross-channel offering as well.