“There is no one alive who is youer than you.”

Dr. Seuss

Sophie is our current incumbent of the 'most surprising surname/hometown combo' award, as she grew up in the cultural hotbed that is Paris. During a childhood that she described as 'fairly normal' (erm, Paris?!), Sophie excelled at both music (playing both the piano and guitar as well as singing in a gospel choir) as well as finding she had an innate talent at 'running into things constantly'. 

Having decided to see what life was like outside of eating cheese constantly and wearing a beret every day, Sophie decided to come to the UK for her degree, studying Anthropology and Spanish at Durham. Sophie certainly kept busy at uni - when she wasn't skiing at a high level or chairing a meeting of the Gliding Committee (we didn't know what it was either...), she was busy turning the Durham Francophone Society from a small weekly gathering of 4 people to a massive group of over 350! If you have 5 minutes spare and are ready to be highly intrigued, ask Sophie what her dissertation was on...

In her spare time, Sophie enjoys travelling and playing the guitalele (a mix between the guitar and the ukelele). She also takes pride in the fact that she is a qualified bouncer despite being just 5'5, and you can be sure she'll whip your accounts into shape quicker than you can say "you're barred".