“Live your life, live it right, be different, do different things.”

Kendrick Lamar

In the chilly lands of County Durham lies the sleepy market town of Bishop Auckland - so quiet that when night falls you can hear the twinkling of the starry sky. However, quiet is the last word you’d use to describe the Coulthard household. Sophie had a less than usual upbringing with seven other siblings, including two sets of twins! From youngest to oldest we have: Harry, Heidi, Rowan, Bryony, Greg, Sophie herself, and her eldest sister Holly.

Sophie made sure to make the most of her older sister status and soon became the family’s de facto director and producer of Coulthard plays, starring her troupe of brothers and sisters. Acting out scenes from The Sound of Music and A Series of Unfortunate Events was a regular occurrence. Sophie’s parents also fulfilled their dreams of assembling their own little army of ninjas - all the Coulthard siblings are black-belts in Taekwondo.

Like her father Steve, Sophie has never been able to sit still. While studying History at Edinburgh University she made full use of the beautiful surroundings by working on her running skills. She is now set on training for her first endurance run and her dream is to conquer the Napa Valley Marathon (with the occasional wine tasting break).

But it’s not just brawn that defines her amazing character. Sophie is a passionate reader of World War Two history and has a sharp mind for numerical analysis; she conducts her role as a PPC Account Manager with the same vigour she used to reserve for kicking and running.

She has now found a perfect replica of her home in London with seven other roommates, and the Periscopix family has proven to be equally warm and welcoming.