“Whether you think you can, or you think you can't... you're right.”

Henry Ford

Enlightenment isn’t easily attained, but Sofia may come closer than most. An avid reader, her preferred digest is non-fiction around zen, psychology and mindfulness. While wary of the term “self-help book”, she particularly enjoys “proven” books that encourage readers to control their thought patterns and flourish. Pub chats with Sofia inevitably end up debating the meaning of life.

Raised in Argentina, Sofia spent much of her childhood in either Buenos Aires or her father’s farm in the country for handy escapes from the city. Upon finishing her Argentinian education, Sof set out for the UK to get back to family roots and study Economics & Philosophy at the University of Exeter. One degree wasn’t enough though, so she then went on to complete a Masters in International Management for good measure.

Yet another traveller, Sofia’s seen a fair few continents and makes the bold claim that she “never gets lost”, attributed to a particularly strong internal compass. But then she also claims that gin is the holy spirit, so the jury’s out on that. Other interests include cooking - Sofia cooks up a mean lasagne - and a lifelong passion for football, heralding Messi as the greatest. No bias here!

Having studied Philosophy, it’s the big questions that interest Sofia, her favourite being: “what is the self?”. Her dual nationality makes the question all the more relevant, feeling she doesn’t quite identify with either Argentina or the UK. After some discussion, we’re still not quite clear. Sofia, however, would argue that it’s not about the answer, it’s all about the question.

Naturally, this philosophy suits her perfectly to our attribution team, using her mathematical mind and creative approach to problem solving to provide insights beyond mere conversions and conversion rates, but what drove these conversions, how they got there and how to optimise for more. So, if your upper funnel is in need of a little illumination, please get in touch and allow Sofia to shed some light.