“Set your life on fire. Seek those who fan your flames.”


Shahina’s an interesting one; she takes maple syrup in her tea, thinks -5 degrees is not cold, but she’s really sorry about it because she’s Canadian, eh? Yeah, we’re still working the Canada jokes out of our collective system. Luckily she’s almost completely unphased by them, having immediately become an integral force in Team GA’s unique brand of humour.

She’s also a web dev wizard, having worked a number of web development and design jobs prior to joining the team. An expert in HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript and a few more acronyms, Shahina really knows what makes your website tick. This placed her perfectly in our technical team, working on custom implementations, carrying out comprehensive debugging and building test variations from scratch for our most premium of Premium clients.

Oh, did we mention Shahina has more letters after her name than Stephen Hawking?* Shahina has three degrees and came top of her class in two of them. Not only that, but she’s something of a daredevil, having had a near death experience while white water rafting in the Ottawa River and jumping off a 4 storey cliff! Hopefully on separate occasions…

Also, a proud business owner, Shahina is the co-founder of an award-winning dance company (Toronto’s best) where she and her team put on Bollywood dance performances for audiences often racking up to 500+ spectators.

*May not be true!