“If you think adventure is dangerous, try routine. It’s lethal.”

Paulo Coelho

Seb is a true Surrey boy. He played rugger through his school days before a dislocated arm at a wakeboarding competition cut his career short (Seb is always quick to add that he Duck Taped his arm to his body and continued... to take third place). After school Seb followed in the footsteps of his oil exploring father and made the challenging journey all the way to Southampton to read Geology (it rocks! ...oh dear). Through his time at university his passion for wakeboarding and snowboarding saw him travel all over the world before he finally returned to the UK to take a role at an email marketing business.

Within this role Seb was exposed to the wonderful world of digital and a new passion was born; Seb however found Email alone limiting but was fascinated by its role in the wider conversion pathway. This inquisitive mind brought him to Periscopix where Seb works with clients to understand their customers' purchase funnels, assessing the suitability of their display, search and analytics to ensure that it is meeting their needs and aspirations.