“I am serious, and don’t call me Shirley.”

Dr Rumack (Leslie Neilson)

Wirral-born Sean is not one to shirk a challenge. Whether it’s bungee-jumping off Stockport viaduct or thrashing out the middle eight of Dani California in his Red Hot Chili Peppers tribute band, no bridge is too far. Yet despite extensive forays into the unknown, Sean’s greatest challenge came when he boarded the 13:10 to The Big Smoke for 3 years in the Physics Department at UCL. Here was a man accustomed to smog-free morning strolls and saying ‘thank you’ to bus drivers, suddenly thrust into the cruel reality of life at a Russell Group university in the city.

Several hundred days on and Sean now considers himself a ‘hardened Londoner’, regularly finding the time to giggle at the gaggle of tourists staring blankly at a Tube map, or finding no qualm with tutting at the slow-walkers sauntering thoughtlessly in the path of his immovable schedule. His winning combination of an impressive beard and ‘baby on board’ badge allow him to both keep out the smog and get a seat on the way to work. Goodchild gone bad indeed.

The accomplishment Sean is most proud of is taking first-place in the Middlesbrough Fans’ Forum Fantasy Football League, a shining example of his task management talents. His foresight in picking Scott McDonald ahead of one of the Championship’s more fancied strikers is indicative of his rejection of orthodoxy, an approach which he applies to devastating effect in his PPC campaigns.