“Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference.”

Winston Churchill

Her family hails from South Africa, but Sasha herself was born slightly closer to home in jolly old Amsterdam. Her stint in Amsterdam was a brief one and before she knew it she had been whisked off to the home counties - settling in Cobham - where she spent the remainder of her youth.

She describes herself as a mischievous child, but she made up for it by excelling in sports of all kinds. On top of that, she’s a secret musical prodigy. You see, Sasha is a classically trained singer - she sings in Latin and everything - but don’t go expecting any serenades: she’s got a major case of stage-fright despite her accolades, and limits herself to car singing these days.

Sasha loves animals and is also a bit of a hero. Put those together and what have you got? A girl who regularly rescues animals from the side of the road and nurses them back to health. No word of a lie, Sasha has saved the lives of squirrels and cats alike. On one of these valiant missions, she even convinced a nearby builder to donate the polo shirt off his own back to keep an injured squirrel comfortable on its way to the vet.

Sasha’s animal rescue services have also benefitted from her social media prowess. Her greatest life achievement to date has been tracking down the owner of a lost dog, using only a viral Facebook post. The dog had practically crossed county lines, but Sasha was so efficient that the dog’s owner saw the post before even realising it had gone missing.

At A-level, Sasha studied Art, Photography, Economics & Business. But after a slightly traumatising incident where she painted a volunteer’s face with what was definitely not face-paint… she decided to drop the Art and went off to study Marketing & Business at Bournemouth University.

As part of her degree, she did a dissertation investigating how personalised a marketing message can get before it starts to feel creepy. No doubt this makes her your go-to girl for campaign strategy tips! Combined with her proven status as a social media mogul, she is clearly a bit of a wizard, and is ready to do her magic on your next Paid Social campaign.