“No one ever made a difference by being like everyone else.”

P.T. Barnum

When you look at Sanyan, most people just see a guy with a BSc, who loves calligraphy, is bilingual, knows mixed martial arts, and once ate an 18’’ inch pizza all on his own, but we see more than that - he’s also nice and stuff. Says please and thank you and everything.

Sanyan was raised in Whitechapel, where his biggest accomplishment was “beating asthma”. We’re not sure if that’s possible, but we couldn’t find an answer on the first page of our Google search, so we’ll just take his word for it. Take that asthma, nobody puts Sanyan in a corner. After being diagnosed asthma-less, he celebrated by getting a Computing Science degree at Queen Mary’s University of London. This was quite fortunate, because he actually uses computers quite a lot in his role here. Funny that.

Sanyan is an analytics machine. He takes a bunch of big numbers and elaborate graphs, translates them into English, then explains just how you can make those numbers even bigger. Look at that, he’s TRI-lingual. The only way he could be better is if he implemented all those great ideas himsel- oh wait he does that too. Show off. He’s also going to be branching out into the realm of CRO soon, because the man’s ambition knows no limits. Plus, he’s nice and stuff. Did we say he was nice?

When asked about his bucket List, Sanyan said he’d like to see the Northern Lights.

“Norway?”, we asked.

“Yes way.”, he replied.

Determination incarnate.

He probably just wants to go so he can draw a masterpiece, because he’s a freakin’ artist as well. Frankly, his skillset is starting to make the rest of us look bad. Vaguely annoying. We can’t even beat asthma.