“There has never been a sadness that can't be cured by breakfast food.”

Ron Swanson

Born in Milton Keynes, but (briefly) raised in Hong Kong, Sam’s life at an early age quickly went from ‘Concrete Cows’ to concrete jungle. The hustle and bustle of life as a four-year-old in Hong Kong was a real eye-opener, but Sam was a smart four-year-old. Despite getting repeatedly separated from her aunt in Hong Kong’s sprawling street markets, Sam would casually sit by the side of the road while her aunt panicked her way through the market stalls until the two were reunited once again.

To this day, Sam maintains it was always by accident whenever she got lost.

As with all good things, Sam’s time in Hong Kong came to an end, moving back to the UK at the age of five. A street-smart five-year-old nonetheless; that is until it came to Sam’s first day of school. With Cantonese as her mother tongue, English did not come naturally. Sam has two distinct memories of those formative days. Firstly, crying the entire way through the first day and secondly, her first English sentence of ‘Is this colour yellow?’. Somehow the sentiment never stuck and yellow is yet to be Sam’s favourite colour.

As a teenager, Sam progressed into the upper echelons of pianists, but unfortunately only attained grade seven before she had to fly the nest and leave for university. This remains one of Sam’s mum’s biggest regrets to this day, however Sam is reteaching herself the ways of the ivory keys once more.

Studying Business and Management at Aston University, it became apparent to Sam that a career in HR wasn’t for her, despite a supply of free Ribena and toothpaste during her placement year at GSK. Taking a leap of faith, Sam joined the BBC’s digital team, working diligently and with expertise for four years, before joining the Merkle family.

Outside of the office, Sam runs a part-time bakery, providing Walthamstow Village market with the best cupcakes in E17. Go find Sam there on the first Saturday of each month!