“Whether you think you can or you can't, you're right.”

Henry Ford

Sam was born and bred in Epsom, Surrey where he grew up with an older brother and younger sister; sorely noting that, yes, he was the middle child. He fondly remembers spending his school days hiding at home (which was 5 minutes away from the school) with his friends, to get away from outdoor PE lessons. However, Sam was in fact a sporty chap and took up boxing, and still does kick boxing just around the corner from the office!

At the age of 18, realising he had never been further North than London, Sam decided to up sticks and move all the way to Newcastle, where he says spent the first few months trying to understand what people were saying.

It was here in Newcastle that Sam began his interest in marketing, after binge-watching a certain TV series and making a last-minute change from a psychology degree. Not your standard student, Sam was always career driven (he had his fair share of fun don’t worry), and spent his third year on placement with a nutrition company, where one of his highlights was making a video that has now gone viral!

It was during this placement that he spent a lot of time working in brand marketing where his ambition grew and led him to write his impressive dissertation. Whilst his friends were all working on projects involving other students, Sam spent his evenings convincing restaurants to let him talk to their customers to investigate whether social media makes a difference to a restaurant’s business.

Sam’s career journey continued after graduation where he worked in a B2B marketing firm closely with their social media team. After deciding that he wanted more structure and training and to do more analysis day to day, Sam became interested in search marketing, leading him to take the next step in his career and join Merkle | Periscopix. So, if you are after an ambitious account manager with some interesting experience and even more interesting stories, who will knock your accounts blocks off (figuratively speaking), look no further.