“...but the fact is, I'm just crackers about cheese!”


Sally is originally from Rochdale, Manchester – Rochdale isn’t the nicest place, she admits, but Sally won’t hear a cross word said about her beloved Manchester! For her Geography degree, Sally went to university in Leeds, wanting to stay close to home… but not too close – you’ll learn, Sally loves to explore.

Sally really enjoyed the social aspect of geography studies – learning about different cultures and the human effect on the world. She also had an amazing time studying in her year at the University of Illinois. College life was exactly like what she had expected, although she never joined a sorority; not as fun as fraternities – too many rules and not enough partying!

After graduating, Sally took a marketing job in Leeds, which is what initially stimulated an interest in digital marketing, although itchy feet took her away travelling with a friend around South America and South East Asia.

After travelling she joined Teach First, in Tottenham – you do 6 weeks training in the summer holidays and then you get given a class straight away. Everyone thinks young kids are easy to handle but they have way too much energy! Her first was a year 1 class, after which Sally went on to teach in Dubai.

Unfortunately for the kids (but great news for us), Sally soon realised teaching involves a lot more red tape and a lot less interaction than she had hoped. Remembering her love of marketing, Sally came across Merkle | Periscopix and we are happy to have her :)